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WTF is a Health & Sensuality Coach?

March 17th, 2015 | no comments

March 17

I get this question a lot. And I gotta say, it’s fair. I mean if you think about it, health coaching is a fairly new modality of healing. And sensuality is often confused with sexuality in pop culture.

So many times people come to me asking real fun questions like:

“Ok, so what’s the deal, Paleo or Raw?  How can I lose the most weight?”


“Nadia, what’s the deal with the whole C-spot (cervix) orgasm trend?”


“If we work together, are you going to make me eat broccoli all the time?”

These questions are great because they remind me how often I assume y’all know what it is I do.

(To sample my work, you can register for my latest FREE webinar: Healing your Feminine Body.)

So let me explain;

The feminine body is my muse. I am just obsessed with how intricately awesome and diverse our bodies are. I am in awe of how able we are to heal ourselves of ANY imbalance, of any issue. I am amazed by how much happens just while we are asleep. Think about all those wheels churning behind-the-scenes. So freakin cool!

My goal is to empower you with information and to connect you to your body so you can hear her when she speaks to you. How do I do this? Through your 5 senses, aka sensuality.

Now, this is not to say that I don’t talk about BJs or orgasmic meditation during my sessions with clients. This is ALL part of your holistic health, after all. It’s just not my expertise. At least not professionally J

So when I talk about sensuality, I am talking about using your senses as a means to embodiment, as a means to getting yourself connected to your body voice so that YOUR body can tell you what is right for her now. Not me, not you and not the doctor. Just your body.

I am not an advocate of paleo or vegan or carb-heavy diets. I am also not opposed to any of those. But I simply believe it’s not my role to dictate to your body how to eat. Instead, your body will tell us how she wants to be nourished. We just have to give her the space to tell us.

So what is involved in the work I do? We work on decoding your cravings, understanding how to optimize your nutritional intake and learning how to do it in a way that aligns with your body’s needs.

My client in New York, Penny signed up for my Feel Fucking Fabulous program and she told me herself, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“Nadia, when I decided to start working with you I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I half thought it would play out like a verbal personal training session with you telling me “you can do it, just 20 more situps!!!,” with the other half of me thinking, “hmmm, this is unknown and a total risk, but talking on the phone is harmless (and doesn’t require me to go to the gym) so what do I have to lose?.

Yea well, here I am 6 months later and I’ve lost a lot… I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost old seeming impregnable habits, I’ve lost ignorance. But it wasn’t all loss, I’ve gained some pretty crazy shit too, but most importantly, I’ve gained insight”

Imagine me yelling YOU CAN DO IT! JUST 5 more!??? Hilarious!

In my mind I am holding pom-poms, of course.

Instead of quoting her, let me have her tell you herself:

penny testimonial

What an amazing transformation right? I so want that for all of you! It’s such a liberating & empowering experience to understand the intricacies of your own body BETTER than ANYONE else.

This is why I’m hosting a FREE webinar next week on Healing your Feminine Body. If you’ve got a pesky, persistent, embarrassing health issue that you want answers, join us! In this webinar, I unveil the secrets to how I solved my own recurrent cold sores, yeast infections & several other embarrassing ailments.

Register here! If you can’t make the call live, plug in your email & I’ll send you the recording. I got you, girl!

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