Powerful in Love Series: Part 8

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Stop playing small.
Your man is SO much more than that checklist you wrote at that “Manifest your King” workshop last spring.
Throw it away.
Burn it.
Shred it.

Everything you THINK you want in a man is what your HEAD thinks you need.
Everything you ACTUALLY want in your man is how your BODY responds.

So start off by throwing that shit out.

Then, get working on connecting to your body.

Because if you can’t understand her “yes”es and her “no”s, you will never know when you’re sitting in front of “THE ONE”

Because your head is going to be scanning for everything that isn’t on the list.
Because your ego is going to be so much louder than your body’s cues
And you’ll say NO to a second date.

And then he’s gone.

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