Powerful in Love Series: Part 2

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We were taught ONE flavor of Power.⁠
Slay. Conquer. Do it! ⁠
Hustle now, Play later.⁠

Thanks to our feminist moms, we grew up with similar opportunities to the men in our life.⁠
And we dug into that power.⁠
And beautifully.⁠

But we left something behind.⁠

The power of all of our Feminine Intelligence.⁠
The wisdom of our bodies.⁠
Our primal intuition.⁠
The nurturing essence of our beings.⁠
Our instinctual responses.⁠
The immense superpower of feeling. ⁠
Our collective beating heart.⁠

We left it behind.⁠

And with it, the power of expression, wholeness, play, feeling, sensing and loving.⁠

The Feminine/Omega has deep power that’s been discarded by the modern world.⁠

And the thirst for her is PALPABLE.⁠

Our men are walking around a desert (of their own doing may I add) ⁠
That is pretty devoid of the feminine/omega energy he is thirsty for.⁠

You claim you want to be devoured, drank up, breathed in?⁠
Then be the water.⁠
Be the oxygen.⁠
Be the life force they are searching for.⁠

You have two options,⁠
You can continue to roll up your sleeves and “be powerful” the way you’ve been taught or you can head on over to the 31 flavors of Feminine Power and take your pick for the day.⁠

Your current way of living and leading is keeping you dry.⁠
Which works great for running your business.⁠
Feeling and play can be distracting when we’re trying to “slay”.⁠

But I’m just here to let you in on a secret…⁠
These parched men want water, ⁠
They want juice.⁠
They want life force.⁠

And if that’s not coursing through your veins, they will look elsewhere.⁠

That juice. That life force.⁠
That’s the power flavor of the century.⁠

I’m opening up my private coaching practice to 3 visionary CEOs/leaders who are powerful AF in their business and are ready to do the same in their love life. Let me guide you in accessing all the flavors of your power – your alpha & your omega.⁠



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