Powerful in Love Series: Part 1


I know you’re smart as hell.⁠

I know you’re managing a team of people with a f*cking badass vision and multiple 6-7 figures in revenue to play with. You churn out programs every month and you deliver like a rockstar.⁠

No one does what you do better than you do.⁠

But there’s one area that you are absolutely frustrated by… LOVE.⁠

This is where you get stuck. ⁠

Here’s the deal:⁠
You cannot lead yourself into the relationship you crave with an Alpha partner. ⁠
You cannot strategize your way into it. ⁠
You cannot outwit the universal law of polarity.⁠

Here’s the raw truth: A “Know-It-All” just isn’t f*ckable.⁠

That energy REPULSES Alpha. ⁠

So if you’re walking around trying to outsmart the men you meet, remember that the only person you are outsmarting is yourself.

Because you’re just not getting what your heart deeply craves – whether you want to admit it or not.⁠

And before you think it, no I’m not suggesting you play “the ditzy bimbo” role and completely annihilate everything you’ve worked so hard for your entire life…⁠

And no, I’m not suggesting that womxn need to dumb it down or tone it down to get the relationship they want.⁠

(Just come visit our place on any day that I’m in “a mood” and you’ll realize this is absolutely not true.)⁠

I’m suggesting you give your head a rest for the day and spend some time with your body.⁠

I’m suggesting you drop down into a different kind of power.
One that runs through your veins like molasses.
One that emanates through your pores like sweet perfume.
One that swirls around a room full of men like an invisible lasso of lust.⁠

That shit is not happening in your head.⁠

That is all going down through practiced and cultivated embodiment.⁠

And this is what I’ve dedicated my life to.

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with womxn on guiding them back to their life force, their turn on and their magnetism. And I’m really good at it. ⁠

I’m opening up my private coaching practice to 3 visionary CEOs/leaders who are powerful AF in their business and are ready to do the same in their love life.⁠

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