Powerful in Love Series: Part 5

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I’m so tired of feminist and womxn’s empowerment spaces talk about “taking up more space” and “being even louder” and bigger and bolder. ⁠

This rhetoric is killing your love life.

These same womxn are often the ones who are also deeply yearning for love and seem stuck on how to receive it.⁠

You have to ask yourself: “Are you loving the space or dictating the space?”⁠
“Are you embellishing the space or commanding the space?”⁠
“Are you injecting life force into the space or using life force in the space?”⁠

There are many ways to “take up space”. And we’ve only been taught one version. The Alpha version.⁠

There’s nothing wrong with you walking into a space like you own it. But it’s not going to get you “a conscious man”.⁠

It may get you lots of money. Lots of recognition. Lots of “Power”.
But not a man.⁠

At least not the type of man I hear my clients wanting…
“a man who can meet me in his consciousness” or ⁠
“a man who can hold all of me in his presence”, ⁠
“a man who will fucking lead already!”.⁠

If you want a man who leads with presence, clarity and consciousness (alpha traits), you cannot out Alpha him.⁠
If you want a man who will command and direct and lead, you cannot out Alpha him.⁠
If you want a man who is your rock, you cannot out Alpha him.⁠

Think about it. ⁠

If you are taking up all the space, what’s left? ⁠

Not much. ⁠

That’s the version of man you’ll be going on a date with.⁠

I’m not here to put you in a box, womxn. Not at all. ⁠
Alpha all you want in all the places.⁠

But if you walk into a room with your CEO hat on, you will not be met by the man you’re wanting.⁠

I’m not here to disempower you. I’m here to EMPOWER you. ⁠
I understand how hard you fought for this. I understand how hard we ALL fought for this. ⁠

But power is nuanced.

I’m here to remind you of a universal law of polarity. If you want a partner who is more alpha/masculine, you must play in your omega/feminine.

I’m not suggesting you have to hang out here all day long, but this is a muscle you must learn to cultivate. And most womxn who come to me just cannot find THE DIAL.

THE DIAL is your liberation, womxn.

If you masterfully learn how to dance with the dial of your natural alpha and omega energies…
If you cultivate the energetics that swirl within your body…
If you learn how to bring down the volume of your Alpha and up the volume on your Omega/feminine, you will find yourself artful in relating, instead of arduous. 

No one taught us this. 

But it’s never too late. 

Access a new type of Power.
One that magnetizes.
One that feels deeply.
One that loves and attracts love.

I’m opening up my private coaching practice to 3 visionary CEOs/leaders who are powerful AF in their business and are ready to do the same in their love life. Let me show you how to turn your dial!

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