But do you allow yourself to be conquered?


Powerful in Love Series: Part 3

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I see you out there battling. Slaying. Conquering.⁠


⁠And your partner…. They are also out there battling and slaying and conquering.⁠

⁠So who is getting nurtured when they come home from battle?⁠

⁠Where are the warriors landing? In whose arms?⁠

Who is feeding them a home-cooked meal infused with love?⁠

Who is massaging their feet and stroking their chest?⁠
Who is reminding them why life is worth battling for?⁠

This is the reason most modern relationships are DEAD.⁠
Or we just live with our best friend – which is one notch up – but let’s be honest we are all wanting more steamy sex.⁠

I keep hearing my clients wanting to be claimed, wanting to be conquered.⁠

Who’s with me?⁠

⁠Battle may not look like how it did in the 19th century. ⁠
But our core human needs haven’t changed. ⁠
The Universal law of Polarity – which transcends time and space and bodies – that hasn’t changed.⁠

⁠We all need someone to lead and someone to love. ⁠
We all need someone to battle and someone to nourish.⁠
We all need someone to transcend the physical and someone else to drop deeper into the physical. ⁠

⁠But we’re not doing it.⁠

Somewhere along the way, as feminism developed, we decided EQUAL meant we needed to be the SAME.⁠

Who the F decided that? And why? ⁠

⁠Because it really f*cked with our s*x life.⁠

I’m opening up my private coaching practice to 3 visionary CEOs/leaders who are powerful AF in their business and are ready to do the same in their love life. Let’s get you claimed & conquered.

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